The Farm

I have a fair few pets. Some, namely my mother, would say too many.

I’m not entirely sure how I gathered the farm; I have a medium but not huge house and land combination, I am far from rich, I don’t  have any particular passion for animals…. There is no one reason for the collection I now find myself with.

Here is a list of the farm, in order that they were obtained.

Pi, my Bengal

Pi, my purebred Bengal Cat.

Pi was given to us by a friend after he discovered his new housemate was allergic to cats. Though she was never officially handed over as a permanent gift, it’s been a couple of years now and she is a strong part of the family. She’s got a beautiful coat that gains many comments; her leopard-like look is due to the fact that Bengals are actually derived from Asian Leopards crossed with domestic cats. She’s a big sook and loves a good cuddle, and sleeps under the sheets with me, curled up on my tummy.

Donald and Jemima, my Muscovy Ducks

Donald and Jemima (Mimey), my Muscovy Ducks

The ducks were our first rather confused purchase. I will blame Gumtree and it’s irresistable items. We bought them for $10 as ducklings; now they have had ducklings of their own! Donald is a grumpy old man, Mimey is shy but lovely and she makes me delicious eggs to eat. Duck eggs are bigger than chickens, and have a much richer and bigger yolk with very little white.

Fsssh, our last remaining Fantail Goldfish

Fssh was named by my toddler son, who fervently points and “Fsssh!” ‘s at him when standing by the tank. There were originally six Fantails, you can see 3 here, but the other 5 didn’t make it.

Khan, my SW Carpet Python

Khan, my South Western Carpet Python

Khan is my childhood dream. When I was young, I was entirely obsessed with snakes. My mother assured me that should I research them adequately and be fully prepared, I could have a snake. After a year of intense research including anatomy drawings, illnesses, breeding, literally everything there was to know, I was told that NO I may not have a snake. So of course, now that I am old enough to hold the license myself, it was one of the first 18+ purchases I made! He’s a beautiful black/white colour and I hope to breed from him in the future. Interestingly, I bought him from a circus performer who used to dance with him.

Masters – Daddy Rat

Brownes – Mama Rat, and her first litter

Masters and Brownes, the Breeder Rats

Masters and Brownes, named after the main flavoured milk brands here in AU which Felix’s father is entirely addicted to, are our two parent rats. Masters is a mink Hooded Rat, and Brownes is an albino with a supressed Champagne hood. At the time I started this blog, these were our only rats, but having being brought back to this page by a comment left recently, I should probably update it and add that now we have many more! When I have more time I will add pictures of the newer rats, or you can visit my rattery site;

or our facebook page:


Murphy, my Maine Coon x Silver Bengal kitten

Murphy is the latest addition to the house. He is a cross between a Silver Bengal (Pi is a pure Golden Bengal) and a Maine Coon. Maine Coons are famous for their long fur and huge size, and in fact the largest cat in the world was a Maine Coon. He was an accident when his mama got in with a Bengal stud staying at the cattery for breeding. The breeder remembered me from a year previously when I had been enquiring about her silver Bengals, and  remembered me mentioning that my two favourite breeds were Bengals and Maine Coons… and here we are!

He’s a beautiful blue colour, and has large show quality rosettes. He’s already the same size at 4 months as Pi is at 4 years, so he will be HUGE!


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