Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to The Rose’s Thorn!

Me and my SW Carpet Python, Khan

My name is Anzie Rose, and I plan to make this a place for contemplating the various things I see that I think deserve more than a simple “like” or “dislike”. I have never done  blogging before, I am not a professional and my degree is in science not english, so if there are a few typos here or there you will have to forgive me.

So, my motivations for starting a blog? I have an infant son, well, a toddler now really. He’s 16 months old, and simply stunning i’m sure you’d agree:

My handsome son, Felix.

Well, Felix naps between 12 and 3. During  this time, I have a few options.

~ Do I want to watch the fairly poor daytime TV selection here in AU? Not really. “The View” is as good as it gets, and that’s a sad state of life.

~Do I wan’t to clean the house? Sometimes. I give a quick once over of the loungeroom, but as this is the only part of the week that I have totally to myself, i’d rather not. Cleaning can be left to the hustle and bustle of after-dad-comes-home.

~Do I wan’t to catch up with a friend? Sure I wan’t to, but most if not all of my friends are either working, studying, or have their own napping babes.

And so there we come to it; the great bore of many stay-at-home mums. Nap time is BORING. It’s a relief to be free of the manic life of a toddler, but after half an hour of coffee sipping, it gets dull fast. So…. let’s start a blog!

In this blog there will be a whole range of things; the thorns in my side. I will put a few general outlines of my opinions here, though many will be left out i’m sure:

One the topic of parenting I am fairly crunchy; Felix was breastfed, left intact, baby wrapped, rear faced (although not extended) and he is allowed a lot of space to do by and large whatever he likes. For me this works, and I have a happy healthy baby. For you that might not work, and thats fine by me. I believe that it is your choice as to how your parent, and while I do (and probably will in this blog) question people’s choices, they are YOUR choices.

On society, I think all people should complete to Year 10, and should then take a trade, do a TAFE course or continue to higher education. There are no reasons I have come across so far as to why you shouldn’t take one of these options. I am not religious, though if you are that’s fine by me as long as your choices are neither forced onto me or my child. I have many peeves about religion that I’m sure will pop up here (Jehovah’s door knocking, circumsicion, certain aspects of a burqa etc) but your actual belief is neither here nor there for me.

Other stuff about me?

My son's first birthday cake, "Hoot" from the childrens show "Giggle and Hoot". Made by moi.

– I am an excellent cook, and I love to cook. Especially sweets and meats. You will probably see a fair few creations here.

– I love to modify myself. I have 17 piercings and I change my hair colour each month. It’s currently white, green and pink.

– I love pets, I have a good few. A python, ducks, rats, mice, fish, cats.

– I don’t like renting, it’s a giant rip in my pocket.

– I don’t like people who are fake, sneaky, two faced or anything similar. The world would turn more smoothly if people quit lying. I think this will be something I will “thorn-on” about greatly.

– I swear a lot verbally, though I think it’s a poor form of communication and I don’t type-swear a great deal.

– I am very poor at speaking publically.

– I am academically very clever, but socially stunted. I don’t have a good amount of friends, though the ones that I have are very strong.

– I am 19 at this date, very soon 20. Yes, that makes me a young parent. No, that does not make me less off in life. This is another huge prejudice that I will “thorn-on” about.

– I don’t have my license, but I have 2 cars. An MA70 Supra (my baby) and a Charade, called the Rainbow Warrior. I’ve had my L’s for 3 years, and I drive well, I am just too lazy to make the jump.

– I have two degrees underway. One in Astrophysics, one in Primary Education.

– I am very very good with money, it grows with my looking after. This comes from having lived away from home since I was 15.

Ok, so that does that for now. There’s millions more items I could add, but I think that gives you a good enough overview of myself. If you have anything you think I would find interesting to blog on, send it to me 🙂 I imagine things may get a bit word-blocked to start with.